Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Frigging water issues...

The theme of repairs to/issues with this house continues to be water. A has spent a lot of time sealing the basement, replacing basement casement windows, cleaning and fixing gutters, digging out basement window wells etc in an effort to keep our basement dry. After the last push, he was 99% sure he'd tackled the last of the problems. We had a big rain a few days after he repaired the gutters and the basement was dry. Yippee! Two days after the rain, the basement was wet. Then dry. Then wet after no rain. 

This morning I thought "I wonder when it was that we last pumped the septic. The company told me we were on a two year automatic pumping schedule so we might be fine... But I should call."

Tonight I took a shower about a half hour before A went to the basement to prepare for the rain coming tomorrow. The words I heard were not good ones. Somehow there was a ton of water on the floor and all over the wall. It hasn't rained in days... But I had just showered. The water was clean so we didn't think it could be our septic backing up but a test of running the tub upstairs for two minutes proved that the water is backing up and shooting out the washing machine drain. Mystery solved. Problem not solved. 

A spent the next hour (until midnight) vacuuming water into the shop vac while I left a message for the septic company to please put us on their list for the morning. If our septic is full, I'll be very surprised as just two people live in a three bedroom home. We are conscientious about our water usage and we NEVER flush anything but human waste and toilet paper down the toilet. Filling out tank just doesn't seem possible to me as it's supposed to leach the liquid out. 

Anyway... Once again, we have a water situation. I work from home and can't use the bathroom etc. I'm glad I showered before we discovered it... We've already turned off the outdoor shower! It might be a looooong day tomorrow! It might be a good day to work at the library! 

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