Friday, June 8, 2012

Sitting still...

I'm not very good at sitting still. Well... I am but it's usually because I'm planning my next burst of activity. Unfortunately, I'm sitting still now and will be for a few weeks. It's hard. I am only on Day 3 and it's making me a little crazy.

Four days ago I finally had my hip surgery. It was none too soon either because I had been reduced to hobbling around on the ball of my right foot in an effort to keep my right hip from feeling like it was popping out with every step. I was upset because it had been postponed from last week at the last minute. It did not set well with me considering I had planned, planned, planned for the down time. The doctor's office called me the day before my original surgery and told me that I had been rescheduled to the following week because of a lack of enough equipment to do my surgery on the same day as someone else having a similar procedure. Welcome to living on Cape Cod!

So... after re-arranging my schedule again, I spent the next few days taking care of more things on my list in order to get ready to be down for a few weeks. I was saying that I was preparing to be off my feet for a few weeks but in reality, I was convinced that I'd just have to take it easy for a week or so but that I wouldn't have any longer term walking restrictions etc. Try as I might to get my head around being on crutches for a few weeks, I was not prepared mentally.

When I came out of surgery, the doctor talked to me while I was still dopey - but I did catch that I'd be on crutches for a few weeks. RATS! The rest was "Blah blah blah". When I fully woke up, my husband gave me the full information about what they did during surgery - apparently drilling holes in the bone means that you can't walk on it for a few weeks as it weakens the bone. The upside is that the holes in the bone are leaking marrow into the space between where the stem cells are supposedly re-growing new cartilage to replace the damaged cartilage that they cut out. If that's really happening then I have to be patient. I know.

But it's hard. My husband was home with me for the first three days - well... surgery day plus two days. Today was my first day at home alone. I'm fine. I can take care of the essentials since I'm set up on the main floor but I'm b-o-r-e-d stiff! Actually... I feel like I'm literally stiffening up... atrophying slowly... growing roots into the couch. It stinks! I've got the computer, TV (which is wholly disappointing!), a few books, my phone, puzzle books etc. But I'm lying here looking at the cobwebs on the ceiling and wondering if I can get to the webster and reach them (No Mom... I won't try it) and creating lists of the things that I want to do when I'm back on my feet.

Rolling around in a wheelchair gives me the under-view of the cabinets that I painted a few weeks ago... which still need to be painted as I didn't realize they were green. I also realized that I forgot to paint the kick plate at the bottom of the cabinets - again a lower point of view gave me this insight. I somehow don't think I can do either of those projects in a wheelchair...

And... try as we might, the patio isn't done. The weather just didn't cooperate. It's ALMOST ready for the final layer (patio tiles) but we still need to do a little leveling. And... because of the delay in surgery, we are now hosting a graduation party tomorrow for 35 people at our house just five days after surgery instead of 11 days after surgery.

But... I have no control over any of it so I am just having to let go, nap as much as possible, and fight the urge to say "No thanks" when people offer to help me. Sometimes I need help... apparently.