Thursday, October 15, 2015

You Learn Something New Every Day...

A short list of things you can't do when you have labyrinthitis:
Work on a computer for more than ~5 minutes without the world tilting wildly
Sleep normally (yay meds!)
Walk in a straight line
Enjoy a glass of wine on your anniversary

Labyrinthitis, for those not in the know like me until today, is an inner ear infection which doesn't have to be accompanied by pain, fever, congestion or any other typical "itis" symptom. You can go to bed feeling totally fine and then have vivid dreams of wildly spinning only to wake up and the spinning won't stop. Labyrinthitis can just show up one day as a whomping case of vertigo that lasts for as long as it wants. So far for me, 7 days and working on the 8th. 

An even shorter list of what cures it:
Maaaaaaybe antibiotics if it's a bacterial infection but if it's viral, nope. In my case, it doesn't seem to bacterial. 

An even shorter list of what might help:
Anti-vertigo meds. So far, they haven't helped me but hey, they could!
Decongestant (hence the reason my sleep is so terrible)

My five minutes of productivity are now over... Back to waiting for this to pass. But hey... I'm catching up on a lot of crappy television as I hold down the couch!