Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Magnificent places...

I've stayed in some magnificent places in my time but this one has to be one of my favorite (car camping) places I've ever stayed. 

It's on the shores of Lake Moomaw at the Bolar Mountain Recreation Area in Washington/Jefferson National Forest outside of Hot Springs, VA. Quite honestly, we don't have cell service here so we aren't quite sure if we are in VA or WV here. We don't care. 

There are two other campers here: Wesley & Larue - the campground hosts from FL by way of UT and one other gentleman. It's serene. While relaxing after driving many miles we watched a dozen or so loons swimming about in the lake. The peepers are in full swing. I hear nothing but nature (and the snoring of my beloved husband). 

We are sharing this perfect site with my sister, brother in-law and niece in our two side by side campers. It's wonderful. 

We ate three cheese and garlic bacon grilled cheese sandwiches and had no room for the leftover birthday cake Larue brought us. 

Brody and Glacier were off leash for hours and after two long days of travel in the RV, they enjoyed the freedom despite being denied access to the lake on multiple tries. 

We are headed to TN for my nephew's wedding and have spared just three days for the 1,200 mile trip. Last night we got an early jump on the trip by heading out in the late evening. We paid the price by not having any place to stay for the night. Luckily we found an empty gas lane at an all night truck stop and for a small (unrequested) tip, we sidled our two rigs into the lane and slept from 1am to 5am between the sounds of Jake brakes, impact hammers, hollering, and the roar of trucks on the road. We were grateful to have it but it makes this place with its peepers (and snoring...) even more heavenly and appreciated!

We've named our camper Henrietta. She should really have a much more male Irish name for "abused liver" as she was in terrible condition as a result of being taken to the St. Patrick's Day parade. More on that later... Maybe. It's so maddening considering the price we paid for her to find so MANY things filthy and broken that I probably should save my writing venom for the manager of the company we rented it from and the many social media sites I intend to blast with our extreme displeasure since we were basically told "Tough!" when we called to complain about her condition. 

But she got us to the shores of Lake Moomaw where I hope to hear the loons calling before we leave. That would be magical.